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perhaps Cristina can help with the theft from my bank account

Hello Cristina,

I was 'cold called' a couple of weeks ago by someone called Mark who I guess was working for you.

I explained that I did NOT want to buy any bitcoins as I had been conned by someone from Prime Crypto about six months ago.  

He said "No problem, we can get that back for you".

He said that the funds would be paid into my bank account.  I said that I DID NOT WANT TO BUY ANY MORE.

He said that's ok.

Instead, 2 minutes after talking to him today, my account was ROBBED of £260.81.

Is this how your company does all its business :  by fraud and theft?

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Since i participated in the trading i have been receiving numerous persistent calls from different trading platforms. Capital trading, Arotrade, BrovosOU etc: $US250 has been taken from my account and the rest of them is trying to do likewise. i immediately instructed my bank to block my card. I am waiting for to sent me notifications about the trading.
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