The Jubiter Bitcoin Prepaid Card has arrived!

A limited number of cards are available. Apply now before it's too late, order yours now!

When will they become available in Australia. Cheers Bazza

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qualcuno parla italiano ?

Unfortunately, we do not speak Italian but we can use Google translate.

Sfortunatamente, non parliamo italiano ma possiamo usare Google translate 

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Jubiter cards are available only in Europe and we do not have a clear date as when the cards will be available in Australia.

what are the benefits and why do we need one

Jubiter card is a prepaid card. You can fill your Jubiter Wallet with Bitcoin or Litecoin, convert them to Euros and load your card. You can use your card anywhere you shop, at retailers online and off, or withdraw cash from any ATM. More details here 

How can l buy 1 Jubiter debet card for may accont?


If you already have a Jubiter account, you can order the Jubiter prepaid card within your account. If you do not have an account, please use this link to register - 

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