In order to Buy or Sell cryptocurrency (exchange it for Fiat currencies) you will need a level 2 verification.  In order to verify your account to level 2 you will need to provide personal information, and confirm your identity and phone number.   Your identity can be confirmed by uploading a picture of your drivers liscense, passport, or national ID.  Your phone number is confirmed by SMS.   Level 2 provides the same features as level 1 plus you are able to buy cryptocurrencies instantly using your credit card.  

*All documents should be  high-resolution color images. The allowed formats are JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF and BMP.  Minimum and maximum file size is between 500kb and 4MB.

**If your documentation does not appear in Latin letters you may need to provide a certified translation.  Our system is only able to read a select number of languages.